Current & Upcoming Projects:

  • In July 2021 I played Joanna, advocating for her brother with AIDS in a 1982-set indie drama called Bring Wood O Trojans.
  • Jude Law is my co-star. What! I’ve got a shared project credit with an Oscar nominee in Sci-Fi Indie short Skywatch
  • 2021 teaching includes Audition Boot Camp for High School at ACT Young Conservatory  as well as Acting II and Intro to Acting for Studio ACT.  I’m available for one on one coaching and recently learned one of my coaching clients will attend SF’s Ruth Asawa School of the Arts starting fall 2021.

Recent Projects:

  • Adobe Acrobat commercial that featured my hands in the ‘orange sequences’ headed to the UK!
  • I’m on Netflix! I play Mrs. Miller/Skye’s Mom in 13 Reasons Why, Season 2, Episode 2.  Look for me in the last five minutes of the episode, riding in the ambulance.
  • Shot a COVID compliant industrial for Montage Health Foundation, playing a patient seeking telehealth services in March 2021.
  • Short film Suicide has been to 21 film festivals in 5 countries and won 17 awards including semi Finalist at LA Cinefest, Best Comedy from LA Film Awards. And now has distribution on Amazon and Shorts TV. Here’s the trailer!!
13 Reasons Why

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